Holiday Reminders: Acceptance and Making Time for YOU

Around this time of year, most people are lucky enough to find themselves surrounded by family and friends and lots of people they care about, and maybe even some people they haven’t seen in a while.

It’s a very merry time of year. And while seeing friends and family after a long year (or a long first semester for my fellow students!) can be magical, it can also be exhausting. And, depending on the personalities that are present for your family gatherings, it can be taxing in a way not a lot of other social events can be.

So, with all this in mind and getting ready for a another slew of holidays post-Thanksgiving and all the wonderful gatherings that come with, this is a reminder about accepting others and making time for yourself this holiday season.

Acceptance is Key

For starters, in order to keep yourself happy (and in some cases, sane) during this crazy time of year, it’s important to accept the people around you for who they are.

I know I see my nuclear family (including both of my strong-willed sisters) as well as my extended family after a while of not seeing any of them right around now. It’s good to know what topics are best to discuss around, say, your entire extended family, and what topics to avoid. Keeping things on the lighter side tend to be my go-to, and this mostly includes asking people questions about themselves. No one ever has qualms talking about themselves!

Additionally, it’s good to try and provide support for the people around you as they navigate a big time of year surrounded by lots of people. My sisters, for example, could be fighting all day but you take them out for Cold Stone Ice Cream, they’re usually back to being friends again.

It’s also good to know how to get yourself back into a happy mental state at big family gatherings. One of my close friends uses cow puns to relax herself as she’s surrounded by her boyfriends family.

Accept other people and accept yourself, and remember that you’re all going through the holidays together on purpose. You’ve come together to celebrate one another and very special time of year, not to fight and get impatient with one another.

Making Time for You

Of course, we all also know that sometimes you’ve simply had enough of all the holiday stuff. You just need a minute (or maybe an hour or two) to yourself, to re-group and come back to celebrating more yourself and better than ever.

And as much as it may feel selfish to take this time for yourself when there are family and friends all around you, believe me, it isn’t. Taking time for you is just as much about making you feel better as it is about improving your outlook so that you can treat others better.

If you need a relatively quick or easy or inexpensive way to make time for yourself, I recommend LUSH bath bombs as a way to unwind, or even enjoying your favorite type of tea or coffee (Starbucks Espresso Roast never fails to wake me up a little and boost my mood!) by yourself, just to enjoy some quiet!

No matter how you choose to get through this holiday season, try to remember that it’s about celebration. Let your expectations of yourself, situations, and other people fall away and this holiday season will be nothing short of merry and bright.

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