Pretty and Plants

It’s no secret that I love plants. Houseplants, garden plants, exotic plants, you name it, I’m probably interested. 

Plants are very easy to love, in my opinion. They are easy to take care of; they are relatively low maintenance, and they are very good for you in more than one way.

Before I get into the literal health and beauty benefits plants have to offer, I have to say that they are also wonderful for mood boosting. I have a handful (or, like, 30) plants in my room and while some people have compared it to a jungle (and I honestly can’t blame them), but I’ve also been told it’s a very calming space. And there’s not a whole lot more to my room other than my plants. I attribute most of my good-room-vibes to them; so if you’re looking for ways to just make yourself happier in your space, consider getting a plant or two.

Okay my little plant-mom advice is over! Back to health and beauty, here are some ways for plants to help you stay happy, healthy, and completely flawless!

Glowing Skin Via Plants

So, to start, plants can actually help keep your skin happy and bouncy and completely hydrated. They can do this because they produce chlorophyll, the compound that allows them to make food via photosynthesis, AND the compound that makes so many plants green.

Chlorophyll has been found to work wonders on skin, both when ingested through Chlorophyll Water and used topically through a variety of creams and serums that contain chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is deeply hydrating, which is why chlorophyll water is such a big hit generally AND in the beauty community.

It also reduces free radical damage, and it works to help rebuild collagen that keeps skin looking fresh, tight and radiant, and a topical application still gives you all the benefits of ingesting it if the flavor or the color just isn’t your thing!

And if you’re not into the artificial feel of buying a substance plants already produce naturally, the old-school option is breaking a leaf off of a houseplant you take care of (so you know there’s no funky insecticides or fungicides on the surface of the leaves) and rubbing some of the “leaf juice” on your face. The liquid that comes out of the leaf is likely to simply contain water, glucose, and chlorophyll, and does the job of exposing your cells to chlorophyll just fine!

Stunning Hair Via Plants

Plants can also work wonders for your scalp and overall hair health. This, again is due to their awesome topical hydrating powers!

One particularly good plant for your hair health is aloe vera, which is efficient because not only is this plant very easy to take care of, it can even grow in your bathroom, making it super easy to apply just before you hop in the shower.

I think the most fun and clean way to apply aloe vera to your hair is by making a homemade mask out of it and a couple other things like coconut oil and lavender essential oil. You can use any essential oil, and by the end of the treatment you will have plant-based silky smooth, fragrant hair! 

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