Joints Are No Joke!

As I’ve started graduate school, I’ve learned it’s a lot of typing, writing, reading, and leaning over a lab bench. It’s not exactly strenuous labor, yet some days I still go home super sore and tired.

While this work doesn’t tire out my whole body, it certainly takes a toll on my back and my joints. Standing all day can hurt your ankles, typing continuously can hurt your wrists and fingers, and lifting heavy shipments of things like sterile bottles and pipette tips get my knees every time!

And it seems like anytime someone complains about their “back and joints”, their back always ends up in the spotlight. But joints are just as important when it comes to noting discomfort and taking care of it. So today we’re talking about some natural ways to help those joints out!

Supplements for Joints

Sometimes, you just need a quick fix. For weeks that are crazy demanding, your joints need extra attention, but you don’t always have extra time! So an easy way to get around this is using some naturally-occurring and helpful supplements.

Integrative Therapeutics has some great options for natural joint pain relief. Some key words to look for when looking for natural joint pain relief are things like glucosamine, chondroitin, and omega-3‘s. Omega 3’s are one of the key things your body gets from fish oil supplements, and they do a whole plethora of other wonderful things for your body (which makes it one of my personal favorites!).

Exercises for Joints

I know that I happen to get a lot of pain in my wrists because I work with my hands a lot (and I’m pretty sure my mom has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and I just might too!). Some easy ways to relieve pain while you’re working is just taking a few minutes to do joint exercises at your desk or bench or wherever you work!

This can be as basic as just intentionally shaking out your wrists, rolling your ankles (making sure to flex and point all the way and deliberately!), or squeezing on a stress ball to help out those fingers.

Food for Joints

Lastly, there’s got to be a good food fix for a problem like joint pain! Like I said before, fish oil is particularly good for (your whole body!) your joints, so getting fish into your diet once or twice a week can help relieve joint pain.

Green tea is another great one for joint pain, in addition to being absolutely delicious! Grapes, spinach and berries are other great options for anti-inflammatory effects that should help keep joint pain under control on a day to day basis.

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